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East & 32 (530) 343 5636
Nord Ave. (530) 343 7701
facility features wood.frame
competitive.rates gated
13.various.sizes lighted
oversized.lanes easy.access
on-site.managers cylinder.locks¹
Newest & largest in the area! Our facilities are constructed
using wood frames resulting in condensation free storage
Why is this important?
Chico's weather creates an environment for fast buildup of
condensation, especially in metal structures, which can damage
your property. Unlike much of our competition, we went the extra
mile and spent the extra time and money to create a high quality,
condensation free environment for all your storage needs and yet
still maintain very competitive prices
1. the process by which a gas or vapor changes to a liquid.
2. the conversion of a substance (as water) from the vapor state to a denser liquid or solid state. initiated by a reduction in temperature of the vapor
¹ upon request, not available on all units